We mainly offer interior, exterior, and emergency waterproofing services. So if you see a water leak in the basement or the deck, we have got your back, and we work to make it waterproof like it never was. At fair rates, we provide all these three types, and you can choose whichever service you want or let us impervious your entire home.

Interior Waterproofing Services

Internal waterproofing is meant to seal the inner surfaces of a home. The procedure takes action on the wet surfaces of your basement, bathroom, kitchen or any room that shows fungal infestation due to water leakage.

We use waterproofing applications that are well-known for being premium and ensure long-lasting effects. Our team checks every angle and ensures waterproofing there. Let’s see some of the portions we work on?

  • balcony area
  • laundry room
  • Complete kitchen area
  • every aspect of bathroom

Basement is another section of every home that receives water leakage to a great extent. Keep It Dry LTD. provides you with the solution in every tough situation and in a short time we make your basement waterproof. With the time, we have come to the stage where we know which product works best for which situation and place and the same we apply while waterproofing your home.

Exterior Waterproofing Services

Exterior waterproofing is even more important if you want long-term protection against water. Exterior waterproofing covers the terrace, outer walls of the basement and the entire home from outside. Waterproofing walls from outside means weather conditions would not have a negative impact on your house, and so there will be less or no chances of leakages or birth of mold inside.

During exterior waterproofing, our experts ensure to make the space dry and free of water before they actually proceed further. This goes on by removing the soil from all the surroundings as the soil is the reason for water retention. Removing the soil, the team makes the foundation strong. We also check for leaks or weak points and tame them with proper fillings. This way, with the industry-leading products, we guarantee you that water will not leak and it will serve you for a long time. When the basement becomes waterproof, more than half work gets done because the basement is the place where the water resides majorly. Our trained team scrutinizes every lousy element so there won’t be any chance of compromising with water issues


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